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CookHelper is an application that will allow you to cook a delicious dish from an existing recipe book or create your own to share it with the whole world! An endless recipe feed will keep you entertained, chat on the forum for cooking tips, and decorate your page with colorful posts to get a ton of likes!


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Tech stack & Open-source libraries

  • Minimum SDK level 21

  • Kotlin based

  • Coroutines for asynchronous work

  • Flow to emit values from database directly to compose state.

  • Accompanist to expand jetpack compose opportunities.

  • Hilt for dependency injection.

  • Retrofit – Construct the REST API using abstractions.

  • OkHttp – Easy to use http and ws client.

  • Moshi – A modern JSON library to serialization/deserialization.

  • Coil – loading images.

  • Compose Navigation Reimagined – High intelligence navigation library for Jetpack Compose.

  • Jetpack

    • Compose – Modern Declarative UI style framework based on composable functions.
    • Material You Kit – Material 3 powerful UI components.
    • ViewModel – Manages UI-related data holder and lifecycle aware. Allows data to survive configuration changes such as screen rotations.
    • Room Persistance – Construct Database using abstract layer.
    • Lifecycle – Observe Android lifecycles and handle UI states upon the lifecycle changes.
  • Architecture

    • Clean Architecture (UI – ViewModel – Use Cases – Repository)
    • Repository Pattern
    • MVVM

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