A TTS based native android chat application for displaying messages within a community , organisation or group.

Kotlin Firebase


  • Displays member’s messages in a live screen
  • 3d-model acts as message reading anchor
  • Implements TTS modules to convert text to speech
  • Stores user feed in a database and runs them on the live screen
  • Interractive UI


Get it on GitHub

Check our releases to download our app.

Development setup

  • First off, you require the latest Android Studio Arctic Fox (or newer) to be able to build the app.
  • Make sure your phone emulator opengl setting set to 3.0

Known problems

The application is using open source library sceneform, which is unstable . Expect random crashes or improper model rendering behaviours. Hopefully, they will be fixed within the next alpha release.


There’s a huge room for improvements! Please open an issue to report bugs, discuss ideas and so on.

heck out the repo’s issue backlog for source requests and bug reports.

To get started with development, see CONTRIBUTING.md.

Please Share & Star the repository to keep me motivated.

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