A small pet project app for forwarding messages and call information from your cell phone to telegram.


Principles of work

An Android service that constantly works in the background and sends information about calls and sms to selected Telegram chats


The program works with your personal bot token and does not send any data to any resources other than your bot.


  1. A phone that can receive texts/calls
  2. Constant charging (preffered. The app consumes power quite fast)
  3. Internet access

How to use

  1. Download, install, and open the latest .apk version on your phone to receive sms. The “Release” section (

  2. Open telegram web, and copy chat id to chat ids field. F.e 73638059. You also can paste several chat ids with comma separator


  1. Find @BotFather in telegram (Official Telegram bot creator) -> /newbot -> write bot name -> copy token to access the HTTP API -> paste it into token field


  1. Click Save data and start service

  2. Write /start or something else to your new bot from step 2. The bot will not be able to write to you until you write to it first.

  3. Done. Now, all sms and calls info will be forwarded to you telegram into selected chats


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