A messaging application, a mobile client for the Zulip API.


  • Single Activity
  • Multi-module architecture
  • Light and Dark theme
  • Ability to create your own channel (“+” button on the screen with channels Channels Fragment)
  • The ability to open messages for both the channel (long tap on the channel in Channels Fragment) and the topic (click on the topic in Channels Fragment)
  • The ability to write to different topics (only from the chat channel in ChatFragment)
  • Ability to go to the channel topic from channel chat to ChatFragment (click on the topic)
  • The ability to put a reaction, delete, edit and copy a message (long tap on message in Chat Fragment)


To fully work with the Zulip API used in the application, an API key is required. How to get an API key. After receiving the key, you need to add the following lines to the file:



The application follows the principles of pure architecture, the representation layer implements the UDF architectureusing the Elmslie library. Example implementation of the feature:channel module



Модуль Тип модуля Описание
:app Android Application Combines everything necessary for the correct operation of the application.
core:common Java/Kotlin Library Common classes, for use by other modules.
core:components Android Library UI components, extension functions, base classes.
core:network Android Library API for processing network requests and responses from a remote data source.
core:database Android Library Implementation of a local database using the Room library.
core:auth Android Library Classes responsible for authorization logic.
core:ui Android Library Resources used by modules.
feature:channels Android Library Displaying channels using Channel Fragment and HolderChannelFragment, the ability to add a channel (AddChannelFragment).
feature:chat Android Library Displaying channel/topic messages (ChatFragment), the ability to change the message (Action Fragment and EditMessageFragment), choosing an emoji to add a reaction (SelectEmojiFragment).
feature:profile Android Library Displaying the user profile using the Profile Fragment.
feature:users Android Library Displaying information about all users in the organization using the Users Fragment


  • Coroutines, Flow – Asynchronous operation.
  • Retrofit 2 – Requests to the network.
  • Ok Http – Requests to the network.
  • Kotlin Serialization – Serialization of data.
  • Coil – Uploading images over the network, caching downloaded images.
  • Jetpack Paging 3 – Loading data in small parts.
  • Android Navigation Component – Navigation through the application.
  • ViewBinding – Improvement and optimization of the code associated with the view layer.
  • Shimmer – Data loading display.
  • Dagger2 – Dependency injection.
  • Elmslie – Simplification of the implementation of the ELM architecture.
  • Room – Abstraction layer on top of SQLite, allowing free access to the database.
  • DataStore – Storing data in the form of key-value pairs using Coroutines and Flow.
  • Timber is a Logger that provides a utility on top of the usual Log class.
  • Leak Canary – Detection of memory leaks.


Light theme


Dark theme



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