FireNote is an easy-to-use Android App for creating Notes and Checklists. Everything is stored in the cloud and is synced to all your devices in realtime. FireNote also offers additional features, like adding entries to your calendar or sharing your elements. The user interface is really intuitive and is perfect for your everyday needs.


  • data synchronisation in realtime
  • works online and offline
  • multi user access possible
  • usable on multiple devices
  • three different types of elements (notes, checklists, bundles)
  • wastepaper Bin for deleted elements
  • show/hide elements depending on category or color
  • sort-function
  • master password: a separate password which can be set to look your notes and save it from prying eyes
  • delete your elements by swapping
  • subsequent editing of elements
  • Google calendar embedded – save the notes to your calendar and set a reminder
  • notes and checklists can be shared in various message services
  • every bundle owns its own wastepaper bin – in this way, even deleted elements stay organized and can be easily found and restored or deleted
  • checklists offer text import – in this way, you can copy and paste huge ingredients lists, format them and insert each point as checklist element by three simple clicks
  • checklists offer a clean-up-function – every element which is marked as done can be deleted by one simple click
  • tutorial is provided if you log in for the first time
  • widget for your homescreen
  • web-app







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