My Reminder

An app to remember your to-dos because you cannot ?

In the following document we will talk about the features and the frameworks used to build a notes app, also the UI screens will be attached at the end of document.


The following features are made while building notes app:

  • View Saved Reminder
  • Save Reminder
  • Reminder Background Picker
  • Delete Reminder
  • Filters

View Saved Reminder

The home screen contains all the notes which are saved in the local database of app We are getting all the notes on home screen.

Save Reminder

When floating action button with the save icon is tapped it will navigate towards the save note screen where we’ll enter title and description of certain note.

Reminder Background Picker

We can choose colors for a certain note while adding the note.Five colors are defined on the top of screen while saving note

Delete Reminder

We can delete the note from our local database by pressing delete icon which is present on each item of notes list on home screen.


Filter can be applied by tapping the filter icon on the top of home screen and we can select single filter at a time. We can filter notes by orders i.e. Ascending and Descending , also we can filter our notes by date, title and color.

Technology and Frameworks

  • Jetpack Compose
  • Clean Architecture
  • MVVM
  • Navigation Architecture
  • Dagger-Hilt
  • Coroutines
  • Room DB
  • UI/Unit Tests


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