? DailyTodo

DailyTodo is a task management app developed as part of the Chance Scholarship program. The app features authentication, personal and team task management, and a statistics dashboard to track progress and productivity.

? Screenshots

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? Features

  • Authentication: Users can create an account, log in, and securely manage their tasks.
  • Personal tasks: Users can create and update personal tasks status and track their progress.
  • Team tasks: Users can collaborate with their team members by creating, assigning, and completing team tasks.
  • Statistics dashboard: Users can view their completed tasks, both personal and team-based, and track their productivity over time.
  • Swipe gestures: Users can easily change the status of their tasks by swiping left or right.

? Technologies

The app is built using the following technologies:

  • Kotlin: The app is built using the Kotlin programming language, which offers concise syntax and powerful features.
  • MVP architecture: The app follows the Model-View-Presenter (MVP) architecture, which separates the presentation and business logic from the data model.
  • OkHttp: The app uses OkHttp for networking, which provides a simple and efficient API for making HTTP requests.

? Team

Todo was developed by the following team members:

Thank you for considering DailyTodo!


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