View Based Android Sample


This sample is a simple news app that gives user abilities to see top headlines and to search for some articles.


Why we created this sample

This project has been created due to show our approach to everyone within the team.

It’s a quite simple android app, but it demonstrates core features of the way we develop big and scalable production apps.

How to use this sample

This sample includes some basic cases that are needed almost for any android app.

So, if you need to setup a new project, it can help you as an example how everything should work overall.

It’s not a bootstrap project, don’t use it as a template to start from.


  • DI
  • Navigation
  • Architecture
  • Paging
  • Theming
  • Network
  • Multi-module
  • View Based UI

How to run

  • You need Android Studio (at least Arctic Fox) with Kotlin plugin (at least 1.6.10)
  • Run -> Run ‘app’

Known issues

  • The used API has quite hard limits for developers

Who to contact with questions


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