YuukaTalk is a brand-new momotalk editor app for Android aiming to provide more comfortable experience for re-creation authors.

We already have amazing works such as YuzuTalk, ClosureTalk, MolluTalk, and MoeTalk. However, each of above-mentioned editors either has been taken down or not supports mobile phone well, which is the inspiration this app is given.

Why named YuukaTalk? I love Yuuka.



  • Complete offline.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Support all kinds of message.
  • Support edit history message.
  • Support saving talk projects.
  • Support DIY characters.
  • Much more to discover…


Still WIP.


  • Support stashing momotalks in progress.
  • Browse histories.
  • Pre-include emojis.
  • Search student by keyword.
  • DIY characters.
  • revert and reedit talks.
  • Import all students in BlueArchive.(WIP except few non-student characters)
  • Student information browse.
  • Support insert message.
  • Find an app logo.
  • Multi-language.(Only support Chinese currently)
  • More settings.
  • Support large-scale screens.
  • Add first-time guidance.
  • Move images from bundled asset to remote to cut off package size.
  • multi-platform(iOS and desktop).


MoeTalk should be the best practice for creating MomoTalks, which has served for numerous excellent works. bluearchive-logo supports logo.


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