?️ Welcome to the News App project! I’ve embarked on a journey to create a News App that’s not just informative but also a joy to use. Here’s a glimpse of what’s under the hood:

Features and Technologies Used ? MVVM Architecture: It’s all about that clean separation of concerns, making our codebase organized and maintainable.

?️ Clean Architecture: The foundation of this app is rock solid, ensuring a robust, scalable, and testable solution.

? Rest APIs: Leveraging the power of real-time news updates to keep users informed with the latest headlines.

? Dagger Hilt: Dependency injection that keeps everything in check, promoting a modular and efficient codebase.

? JUnit: Ensuring the reliability of our app with thorough testing, because quality is paramount.

✨ Jetpack Compose: Crafting beautiful, interactive, and dynamic user interfaces that will make you fall in love with the news all over again!

Project Status Now, here’s the catch! ?

This project is far from complete. I’ve just dipped my toes into this exciting endeavor. There’s still a long journey ahead, filled with challenges and breakthroughs. ?

But that’s what makes it so thrilling, right? ?

I promise to keep you all in the loop as I make progress and overcome obstacles. Your feedback, suggestions, and support mean the world to me, so please feel free to chime in and share your thoughts!

? If you’re as excited as I am about this project, stay tuned for updates and maybe a sneak peek video or two! ?

Contributing Let’s make this News App project something truly special together! ??

(Work is still in progress)


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