Recipe -app

This is a recipe app where user can search new recipes from an API, save them, create their own recipes and edit saved recipes.
The app is implemented with Kotlin in Android Studio.

About the project

I created this project in the spring of 2021 as my first whole Kotlin-app. I had so much fun designing the layout and the features.
Only regret I have is the API I used, because it didn’t return enough details of the recipes and the user has to go to different websites to get more information.
I did add a button to the recipes, so it’s as easy as possible to toggle between the source website and the app.


  • Search recipes from api
    • Save them
  • Make new recipes
    • Add ingredients and directions one by one and delete them
    • Add a picture
    • Add link to external website
  • Edit recipes
  • Delete recipes
Main menu Search recipes Recipe details Saved recipes New recipe Edit recipe
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Demo video

Built with

Getting started


  • Android Studio
  • Kotlin



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