• In this application you can add your dishes with recipes and photos.
  • Confuse what to eat today no issue it has a random dish selector also.
  • You can also add your fav dishes in second coloumn.

Landing Page

  • It is a splash screen which goes in an up to down manner with a green backgorund.

All Dishes

  • This is the list of all you dishes you made or select.
  • at the right most corner you can filter them according to thier genre.
  • Next to filter there is a add sign from there you can add new Dish.
  • At the bottom there is a navigation panel to navigate you through All Dishes, Favourite Dishes and Random Dishes.

Favourite Dishes

  • This is the list of dishes you like the most and marked as favourite.
  • You can click on the dish and can see a beautiful pallete matching the color of the screen.
  • You can add dishes to your favourite dishes by simply clicking the heart icon and remove it also.

Dish Details

  • After clicking on a dish you see its details.
  • It has this palette feature which make the color of the screen match the color of the dish.

Random Dishes

  • In this you can get a random Dish.
  • You can search for dishes by refreshing the random Dish page.


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