Android App Updater (specially for Iranian App markets)

App Updater is a library to show update dialog to your users, whenever a new version of your application is available. It is really easy-to-use and fully customizable.

It is fully integrated with Kotlin and androidX



you can show users as many stores as you need, to download your application from there. to make a new store :

    val list = ArrayList<UpdaterStoreList>()

    list.add(UpdaterStoreList(Store.DIRECT_URL, "Store Title", R.mipmap.ic_launcher , "https://url/app.apk", BuildConfig.APPLICATION_ID))

parameters of UpdaterStoreList, as the order you see in above line :

  1. Store type
  2. Store title that user sees
  3. Icon of store that user sees
  4. An url to show the user if the store is not installed in user's device
  5. Package name of your application
or you can omit adding some properties in Kotlin
    list.add(UpdaterStoreList(Store.GOOGLE_PLAY, "Download From Google Play", packageName = BuildConfig.APPLICATION_ID))

Available stores

this library currently supports only these markets :

Google Play




To Select an Store you should use :


Direct Download

you can also make as many direct APK download links as you need.
Users can download that APK directly on their phone, and after downloading finishes, the install page will be shown to the user.

Remember to get WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission in runtime (the library tries to get it if you forget ;) )
    list.add(UpdaterStoreList(Store.DIRECT_URL, "Direct Download",R.mipmap.ic_launcher , "", BuildConfig.APPLICATION_ID))

To Show UpdateDialog

    AppUpdaterDialog.getInstance("New Update!!!!", "Lots of new features!! upgrade yo the new version.", list, true, font).show(supportFragmentManager, "TAG")

parameters as the order you see in above line :

  1. Update dialog title
  2. Update dialog description
  3. List of stores you created in last step
  4. Is it a force update? (should dialog be cancelable or not)
  5. Typeface to customize font style

To change library's texts

In strings file, add these lines :

    <string name="please_wait">Please wait</string>
    <string name="downloading_new_version">Downloading new version...</string>
    <string name="download_notification_title">Downloading...</string>
    <string name="download_notification_description">Downloading new version</string>
    <string name="please_install">Please install</string>
    <string name="or">or</string>
    <string name="download_from_store">Download from store</string>

To use default icons

I have added default icons of Iranian stores in the app.
if you like to use them, you can find them like :



Adding the dependency

Add this to your root build.gradle file:

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url '' }

Now add the dependency to your app build.gradle file:

    implementation 'com.github.SirLordPouya:AndroidAppUpdater:3.0.0'