Kotlin Mathematical Toolkit (KMT)

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KMT is a library for various mathematical operations in Kotlin. Its original purpose was to provide a modular library for mathematical tasks. While libraries such as KMath already exist, KMT provides a more user-friendly experience by providing a more modular approach to mathematical operations whilst also being very intuitive to use.


KMT is split into several modules, each of which can be used independently. Currently, the following modules are available:

  • common – Common mathematical operations
  • interval – Interval classes and operations
  • vector – Vector classes and operations
  • trigonometry – Tabular trigonometric functions for faster computation
  • function – Functions and their relative operations (algebraic operations, integration, differentiation)


Documentation for KMT can be found here. This documentation is generated using Dokka and is updated automatically upon each release.


KMT is licensed under the GNU General Public License (version 3). The relevant information for this license can be found here.


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