pub package wakatime

Package description

A pdf pages bitmaps genrator and page counter which uses Android PdfRenderer.

Note: This package currently supports only Android native URIs of files not absolute file paths and to get the Android native URIs of files you can use pick_or_save plugin. Why this behaviour? Well because I needed a plugin which can give me pdf bitmaps using a URI so that I can avoid copying the whole pdf into device cache just to generate bitmaps like other plugins do.


  • Generates bitmaps on the fly using Android native URI.
  • Gets pdf page count using Android native URI.

Getting started

  • In pubspec.yaml, add this dependency:
  • Add this package to your project:
import 'package:pdf_bitmaps/pdf_bitmaps.dart';

Basic Usage

Getting the page count

int? pageCount = await PdfBitmaps().pdfPageCount(pdfUri: pdfUri)

Getting a pdf page bitmap

Uint8List? bytes = await PdfBitmaps().pdfBitmap(params: PDFBitmapParams(pdfUri: pdfUri, pageIndex: 2, quality: 3));

Note: pageIndex starts from 0 to (PdfPageCount – 1) and quality can be from 1 to 100.

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