Kalendar – An Elementary Compose Calendar.


This is a calendar to integrate Calendar with Custom design in your jetpack compose project.
Made with ❤️ for Android Developers by Himanshu

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With Compose getting the attention, it was about time to have its own Calendar. Kalendar is all
about it with the customization and design.


Gradle setup

In build.gradle of app module, include this dependency

dependencies {


1. Setup the Kalendar

    Kalendar(kalendarType = KalendarType.Firey(), onCurrentDayClick = {
    //handle the date click listener                                                       
}, errorMessage = {
    //Handle the error if any

2. Pass KalendarType

You need to pass the KalendarType with its value in the constructor. It has two values Firey
and Ocenic. Firey repesents the MonthView like:


and Ocenic represents the Week View.


3. Edit KalendarKonfig

By default it takes the initial values added to it.

data class KalendarKonfig(
    val yearRange: YearRange = YearRange(),


YearRange takes value min -max for years in Int

4. KalendarStyle

You can customize you calendar by editing the params in KalendarStyle which looks like,

data class KalendarStyle(
    val kalendarBackgroundColor: Color? = null,
    val kalendarColor: Color? = null,
    val hasRadius: Boolean = true,
    val elevation: Dp = if (hasRadius) Grid.One else 0.dp,
    val shape: Shape = ButtomCurvedShape,


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