A basic app to play Wordle on your phone. It was built with the purpose of learning Android mobile app development, and that certainly made it an interesting experience. It has a limited wordbank and some undesired behavior still, but it runs, and that’s what matters. At least, for starting to learn something.

This project was interesting because it taught me two things: 1, that Android development is less about learning a new language, and more about learning a new way to think about the language you already know; and 2, that Android app development really kind of requires a pretty strong computer, stronger than mine. Android Studio’s emulator eats computer resources worse than Zoom back in the peak of 2020.

Still cool to do! Just maybe not meant for my current computer.

Software Demo Video

Development Environment

Developed using Android Studio

Languages used: XML, Kotlin (and anything automatically generated by Android Studio)

Libraries used: java.util.Random

Useful Websites

These each link to specific pages that I used while working on particular parts of this project, but each parent site is a useful general source:

Future Work

  • Fix bug where you’re allowed to enter words longer than 5 letters and it will try to validate normally
  • Show history of valid guesses to help with the narrowing-down aspect of the game
  • Read word list from a separate file


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