Android Project 1 – Wordle

Submitted by: Vanessa Martinez Montero

Wordle is an android app that recreates a simple version of the popular word game Wordle.

Time spent: 5 hours spent in total

Required Features

The following required functionality is completed:

  • User has 3 chances to guess a random 4 letter word
  • After 3 guesses, user should no longer be able to submit another guess
  • After each guess, user sees the “correctness” of the guess
  • After all guesses are taken, user can see the target word displayed

The following optional features are implemented:

  • User can toggle betweeen different word lists
  • User can see the ‘correctness’ of their guess through colors on the word
  • User sees a visual change after guessing the correct word
  • User can tap a ‘Reset’ button to get a new word and clear previous guesses
  • User will get an error message if they input an invalid guess
  • User can see a ‘streak’ record of how many words they’ve guessed correctly.

The following additional features are implemented:

  • List anything else that you can get done to improve the app functionality!

Video Walkthrough

Here’s a walkthrough of implemented user stories:

GIF created with … LICEcap


Describe any challenges encountered while building the app. Had struggles figuring out how to keep going after the getting started page. I thought there would be instructions on how to do this but it just has the requirements and not much else. Had to get a tutor to help me.


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