A Starter Game Template for the LittleKt Game Framework

This template repository contains a base project for creating games with LittleKt. It contains
the bare necessities to get a LittleKt project up and running. This includes the necessary plugins, dependencies and
source set structure.

This project is set up to use all the available platforms that LittleKt currently supports: JVM, Web, and Android.
If a certain platform isn’t needed, simply deleting the source directory and the source sets in
the build.gradle.kts file will get rid of it.


Clone this repo and open up in IntelliJ to get started. Each platform target contains a class to execute for their
respective platform.



Run LwjglApp to execute on the desktop.


A custom deploy task is created specifically for JVM. Run the package/packageFatJar gradle task to create a fat
executable JAR. This task can be tinkered with in the build.gradlek.kts file.

If and when the packages are renamed from com.game.template.LwjglApp to whatever, ensure to update the jvm.mainClass
property in the gradle.properties file to ensure that the packageFatJar task will work properly.



Run the other/jsRun gradle task like any other Kotlin/JS project to run in development mode.


Run the kotlin browser/jsBrowserDistribution gradle task to create a distribution build. This build will require a
webserver in order to run.



Run AndroidApp class under src/androidMain/.


To create a release build of the Android application, use the Build/Generate Signed Bundle / APK... menu option. This
will require knowledge on creating keys for signing the Android app. Going over how to do that is out of scope for this


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