I used Android Studio Bumblebee (2021.1.1). In case of any issues, do let me know because I understand that issues might vary for different users.

The App

  • I loaded the exercises from a local database, by populating it using Room.
  • I used XML for the UI layouts.
  • I used Kotlin

Tech Stack


To run HomeFragmentTest run ./gradlew app:connectedAndroidTest -P android.testInstrumentationRunnerArguments.class=com.carolmusyoka.virtuagymtest.HomeFragmentTest
To run DetailScreenTest run ./gradlew app:connectedAndroidTest -P android.testInstrumentationRunnerArguments.class=com.carolmusyoka.virtuagymtest.ExerciseDetailTest
To run RoomDbTest run ./gradlew app:connectedAndroidTest -P android.testInstrumentationRunnerArguments.class=com.carolmusyoka.virtuagymtest.RoomDBTest

Run the app

Run ./gradlew assembleDebug
Install apk ./gradlew installDebug

Screenshots of the app


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