Tagging Viewer


This simple library lets you visualize live on-screen all the tagging that is occurring in your application.

This helps debug your tagging implementation.


It’s available on Schibsted Artifactory:

dependencies {
  debugImplementation 'com.adevinta.android:taggingviewer:+'
  releaseImplementation 'com.adevinta.android:taggingviewer-no-op:+'

(Check for latest version in GitHub releases)

1. Register trackings

class MyCustomTracker {

  fun trackScreen(screenName: String) {
    // Fabric, Firebase, etc...

  fun trackClick(clickName: String) {
    // Fabric, Firebase, etc...
  fun trackEvent(eventName: String) {
    // Fabric, Firebase, etc...

2. Display trackings

Whenever you want to show the tracked information enable the overlay from any Activity:


Alternatively, you can open a detailed screen with all tracked events and their extra information:


3. Styling

We are definitely not designers but we try our best. If you don’t feel comfortable with the proposed design you only have to override the following colors in your app to make it beautiful and show your colleagues how much sense of art you do have!

<color name="tgv_item_tracking_shadow_color">#fff</color>
<color name="tgv_item_tracking_name_background_color">#C4FFFFFF</color>
<color name="tgv_item_tracking_name_text_color">#000</color>
<color name="tgv_item_tracking_indicator_background_color">#89ffffff</color>
<color name="tgv_item_separator_tracking_name_background_color">#89000000</color>
<color name="tgv_view_background_color">#00000000</color>
<color name="tgv_item_tracking_event_indicator_color">#FFA000</color>
<color name="tgv_item_tracking_screen_indicator_color">#303F9F</color>
<color name="tgv_item_tracking_click_indicator_color">#388E3C</color>
<color name="tgv_detail_background">#F1F1F1</color>
<color name="tgv_detail_timeline_line">#B1B1B1</color>

Remember: You just have to define the color with the same name in your app and you are done!


If you find it useful and need more features or want to improve it, feel free to send a PR!


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