Module Maker


What is this?

As we create more modules, it will become useful to be able to create a module from a template. This is a desktop compose application that allows one to create modules without having to copy / paste / modify existing modules.

What is supported

Currently, you can generated Kotlin or Android modules. A barebones template is provided for each, but can also be overridden by navigating to the settings page and adding your own template.


How to contribute

  1. Download IntelliJ
  2. Make relevant changes
  3. Test said changes. You can either create a new run configuration like so
  4. config
  5. Or you can run via gradle with ./gradlew run
  6. Click the green play icon in the main() function

Generating binaries

Right now, generating a binary wouldn’t be super useful for us because the path assumed in the code is that of the path of the folder. It is a future enhancement to make this a standalone application. But to generate new binaries, you have to have at least Java 15 set as your default, and then you can run ./gradlew package and you will see the relevant .dmg and .app binaries in the /build/compose/binaries/main/ folder. To create a jar, execute ./gradlew packageUberJarForCurrentOS which will generate a jar for the current OS in /build/compose/jar

There is a helpful bash script to generate a new jar and include it at the base directory of this project that can be executed via ./ This method works with Java 11.

Further Reading / Documentation

  2. FreeMarker template language


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