Permission library


To connect to the project in gradle.kts connect the maven repository.

Dependent on event lib

repositories {
    maven {
        url = uri("")
        authentication {
        credentials(HttpHeaderCredentials::class) {
            name = "Deploy-Token"
            value = System.getenv("CI_DEPLOY_PASSWORD")

dependencies {

In the project configuration add lines to connect to the api permission-service

    url: http://permission-service.${env.spring_profiles_active}.svc.cluster.local/
    version: 1

You can now access com.briolink.lib.service.PermissionService


Table rights

Name right AccessObjectType Description
EditOwner Company Can assign owners and remove them
EditAdmin Company Can assign admins and remove them
EditSuperuser Company Can assign Superusers and remove them, edit their rights
EditCompanyProfile Company Can edit setting and info about company
EditEmployees Company Can view the admin panel. Accept new employees
EditProject Company CRUD Project in Company profile
EditCompanyService Company CRUD All services in Company
EditNeedsExchange Company CRUD Needs
CreateProject Company Can create projects without confirmation
EditConnection Company CRUD All connection in Company
EditWidget Company CRUD All connection in Company

Basic classes

AllowedRights — Annotation checks if the user has rights to use the function

In function must be contained accessObjectId – String

PermissionService — Main service

UserPermissionRights — Model about rights and role by user

UserPermissionRole — Model about rights for the object


Annotation AllowedRights

If more than one value is specified in value, the function will execute when the user has one of these rights

When the user wants to update the company logo, the user must have the right IsCanEditCompanyProfile

    @AllowedRights(value = ["EditCompanyProfile@Company"], argumentNameId="id")

fun uploadCompanyImage(
    @InputArgument("id") id: String,
    @InputArgument("image") image: MultipartFile?
): URL {
    return companyService.uploadCompanyProfileImage(UUID.fromString(id), image)

If User haven`t right this example will return exception AccessDeniedException

Add permission role

Sets the role for a user with default rights

try {
        userId = userId,
        accessObjectType = AccessObjectTypeEnum.Company,
        accessObjectId = companyId,
        permissionRole = PermissionRoleEnum.Owner,
    )?.also {
        updateUserPermission(userId, companyId)
} catch (_: PermissionRoleExistException) {

Check permission right


  • EditCompanyService – this action
  • Company – this access object type

You see more in the table rights

if (permissionService.checkPermission(
        userId = SecurityUtil.currentUserAccountId,
        accessObjectId = UUID.fromString(companyId),
        right = "EditCompanyService@Company"
) updateCompanyService(name = "New company service")


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