Threads Invitation Card with Jetpack Compose

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This repository targets to show Threads Card animation with Jetpack Compose in android development.

This repository has a Medium Article. You can study this repository commit by commit with the article.


This article aims to create a animation and UI copy of the Threads Invitation Card with Jetpack Compose in the Android project. This project includes combination of these three (3) different animations; Always Turning Animation, Rotating Card to near Axis-Y Animation after Dragging, Animation Rotating after Quick Dragging.

A) Necessary topics:

  1. User Data Model & Design Images
  2. Front Side of the Card
  3. Back Side of the Card

B) Main Topics:

  1. Card Turning with Dragging
  2. Always Turning Animation & Stop Animation
  3. Rotating Card to near Axis-Y Animation after Dragging
  4. Animation Rotating after Quick Dragging then Infinite Turning Animation

To continue reading about above parts, please check the Medium Article.


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