Literally Toast

A toast library for Android.


🔥 Use the LitToast to get lit and show your users a proper toast.

LitToast.create(context, "My special toast...", 1000)

Add the jitpack repo to your root build.gradle:

allprojects {
  repositories {
    maven { url '' }

Add the dependency in your app build.gradle:

compile 'com.github.dvoiss:literallytoast:1.0.0'


  • 🍞🔥 Show a toast, with the message burned into the toast.
  • 🔊 Play a toaster sound
  • 👍 Feature request? Create an issue or pull request!


  • 🙏 Variation with Jesus image on toast
  • 🥖 🥐 French toast? Different types of toast (🥑 Avocado?)
  • 😢 There is no toast queue to set up multiple toasts. A toaster class (queue) should be written, the queue should only allow for two toasts because most toasters only handle that (unless you've got 💰)