Manage your DXVK game caches easily.

The DXVKoTool extracts DXVK caches of games automatically and can update them with caches provided in this repository


This tool is in a very early state.

Additionally it’s my first time working with compose ?.

Current functionality:

  • List Steam games
  • Export DXVK caches
    • Considers valid entries only!
      • Could fix broken caches
  • Merge with found and downloaded caches
    • Creates backup file (no worries)

Planned functionality:

  • Add other games on your own
    • not Steam games only
  • Check entry size difference on downloaded files
    • only mergable if more entries available
  • Merge with local file
  • Update entry size text after merge
  • Don’t show None found during first availability check
  • Add information dialog
  • Show more information in Snackbar on actions


Pull Requests are welcome.

When you face any bugs or problems please open an Issue.

To add functionality fork the project and create a pull request afterwards. You should know how that works if you are a developer ?


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