This Repository is my learning progress at Dicoding online course platform at class : Kotlin Android Developer Expert (KADE) https://www.dicoding.com/academies/55 . I've enrolled in this class as a part of Google Developers Kejar Batch 1 Indonesia.




App Features

  1. Match schedules based on choosen league.
  • [x] List of upcoming matches.
  • [x] List of last matches.
  • [x] Match search.
  • [x] Match Detail.
  • [x] Adding reminder for upcoming matches to your calendar.
  1. Teams information based on choosen league.
  • [x] List of teams.
  • [x] Team search.
  • [x] Team detail as well as player information detail.
  1. Favorite Teams and Matches
  • [x] Insert and delete selected Matches to Database
  • [x] Insert and delete selected Teams to Database
  1. App Test
  • [x] Unit Test
  • [x] Instrumentation Test

Use the code

Just fork/clone the repository to your local machine and import it to android studio then you're good to go.

Tech Stack

  • [x] Model View Presenter Approach
  • [x] Kotlin
  • [x] RxJava and RxAndroid
  • [x] Retrofit
  • [x] Anko
  • [x] Glide