QNotez is an open-source note taking application which provides a user with simplicity as well as productivity. This application is built based on Android Architecture Components and comes with a clean materialistic design.

Alongside being able to create and edit notes, deleted notes go into a "trash box" which would aid in file recovery where the need arises. No need to worry about data loss as notes get quick saved by pressing the back button. Notes can be sent to other apps and can be shared via e-mail. Got a lot of notes? No need to fear as you can look up your notes by either using the note title or note text. There are two themes available, the light and the dark. Feel free to choose whichever suites you.


  • Ability to add, delete and edit notes.
  • "Trash box" for recovery of deleted notes.
  • Quick saving an editable note by using the back button.
  • Sending notes to other applications.
  • Sharing notes via e-mail.
  • Search by title or note text.
  • Ability to switch between light and dark decoration styles.

With the light, intuitive and easy to use features of QNotez, it is the note taking application for the job!