Styled Views

A collections of styled views.

The RecyclerView supports addItemDecoration method since 22.1.0 and many people use this method to programmatically add a line divider. As a group of visual developers, we prefer WYSIWYG.

Here are the requirements for using WYSIWYG:

  1. Assign the list item layout for previewing in the AndroidStudio.
    It is simple, just use the attribute tools:listitem. If you’re not familiar with the attribute, check out the document here.
  2. Assign the divider drawable in XML.
  3. Set the divider mode such as beginning, middle, and end in XML.

Therefore we create a custom RecyclerView which derives from support library RecyclerView and supports the special attributes, app:rvDividerDrawable and app:rvDividerMode.

Styled Switch View


A capsule styled switch view with customized label, border, background and thumbnail.

Styled Slider View



A collection of styled slider view.