MarsRealEstateNetwork – Solution Code

Solution code for Android Kotlin Fundamentals Codelab 8.1 Getting data from the internet


MarsRealEstate is a demo app that shows available properties for sale and for rent on Mars.
The property data is stored on a Web server as a REST web service. This app demonstrated
the use of Retrofit to make REST requests to the
web service, Moshi to handle the deserialization of the
returned JSON to Kotlin data objects, and Glide to load and
cache images by URL.

The app also leverages ViewModel,
Data Binding with binding
adapters, and Navigation
with the SafeArgs plugin for parameter passing between fragments.


You need to know:

  • How to create and use fragments.
  • How to navigate between fragments, and use safeArgs to pass data between fragments.
  • How to use architecture components including ViewModel, ViewModelProvider.Factory, LiveData, and LiveData transformations.
  • How to use coroutines for long-running tasks.

Getting Started

  1. Download and run the app.


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