Slack Android Clone with Compose

Status: ? In progress ?

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This is a jetpack compose sample app written in Kotlin following clean architecture principles.

The purpose of this app to showcase:

  • Implementation of Jetpack Android Architecture components with Dagger Android and Data Binding to minimize boilerplate code
  • Creation of proper components and Subcomponents using Dagger Android and their injection into Activity, Fragment, View Models and Helper Classes
  • Performing background task with Kotlin Coroutines


Screenshots In Progress
drawing drawing
drawing drawing

?️️ Built with ❤️ using Jetpack Compose ?

What How
? User Interface (Android) Jetpack Compose
? Architecture Clean
? DI (Android) Hilt
? Async Coroutines + Flow
? Networking Retrofit
? Parsing KotlinX

Languages, libraries and tools used


SlackClone follows the principles of Clean Architecture with Android Architecture Components.

Architecture’s layers & boundaries:

Presentation Layer contains UI (Activities & Fragments) that are coordinated by ViewModels which execute 1 or multiple UseCases. Presentation Layer depends on Domain Layer.

Domain Layer is the most INNER part of the circle (no dependencies with other layers) and it contains Entities, Use cases & Repository Interfaces. Use cases combine data from 1 or multiple Repository Interfaces.

Data Layer contains Repository Implementations and 1 or multiple Data Sources. Repositories are responsible to coordinate data from the different Data Sources. Data Layer depends on Domain Layer.

Notes: Mapping between response models and transformed models will happen via extension functions defined in transformed model file


Files are suffixed with be defined Class types.

  • ViewModels are suffixed with VM. Ex: LoginVM
  • UseCases are suffixed with UseCase. Ex: LoginUseCase
  • Sources are suffixed with Source. Ex: LoginRemoteSource, LoginLocalSource
  • Repositories are suffixed with Repo. Ex: LoginRepo


This project can be used as a template for new apps.
This project is continually evolving to integrate other libraries and techniques to keep it up to date.


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