Delegate is an API that allows developers to create and manage their own commands. These commands can be used to perform actions, trigger a flow from the Flow API or perform any other operation.

In general the goal is to provide a simple, clean, and efficient way to grant developers access to a powerful command framework, while keeping overhead (both size and resource utilization) as small as possible.


Delegate contains the following features:

  • Annotation/Component-based command creation
  • Command registration and execution
  • Automatic “help” generation


Documentation (KDoc) can be found here.

Control Suite Integration

Delegate is part of the Control Suite Library that consists of a set of libraries that make development of Spigot plugins easier. The Control Suite exists of the following API’s:

  • Delegate – Command API for Spigot
  • Peak – Procedural Environment Algorithm for Kotlin (Java-Interoperable)
  • Game – Geometric And Mathematical Extensions for Kotlin (Java-Interoperable)
  • Flows – Flows API for Spigot


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