simple cli app that pixelates and draws a given image on the terminal.

Building and running

after successfully cloning and loading the project you can run the following gradle task to build binaries.

./gradlew installDist

this will generate an executable at Pikslate/build/install/Pikslate/bin then you can just do

./Pikslate --url=/path/to/your/image --height=100 --width=100


make sure to zoom out as much as possible in your terminal. also, program is tested with only .png, .jpg and .jpeg files. (see /images folder for samples)


pepe_love.png Preview|100x100 napoleon.jpg Preview|100x100 The_GNU_logo.png Preview|100x100 hard_smile.jpg Preview|100x100


you can optionally --height or --width args. but this is of course limited by the amount of characters you can put in your terminal.


I have tried my best to make the getDistance() function as accurate as possible with the help of stackoverflow and Chat-GPT. but it is still very hard because Mosaic by default supports a few ANSI bash colors. see implementation here.

Extending and overriding is not possible since the Colors class is private by default. in the future I will (hopefully) fork it and add colors for better images.


I have quickly hacked up things that I could find in stackoverflow, old blogs and GPT. after experimenting with many algorithms, I have found the implementation in getDominantColor() function heavily affects the color selection process. so better ideas are appreciated.


seems like it performs worse in detailed images and better with images that are mono-chromed or contain fewer colors.


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