How to use

JVM Android Js

It is simple logging tool which is using built-in tools for logging:

  • java.util.logging.Logger for JVM
  • android.util.Log for Android
  • Console for JS

How to use


Just use some boring extensions like:

KSLog.i("Some message")
// OR
KSLog.i("Some tag", "Some message")
// OR
KSLog.i("Some tag", "Some message", IllegalArgumentException("So, that is exception :)"))
KSLog.l(LogLevel.INFO, "Some tag", "Some message", IllegalArgumentException("So, that is exception :)"))

A little bit deeper

There are several important things in context of this library:

  • Default logger (available via KSLog)
  • Local logger (can be created via KSLog functions and passed anywhere as KSLog)
  • Logging shortcuts like KSLog.i/

Default logger can be created by passing defaultTag and one of variants log level filters: set or minimal loggable level. In JVM you also may setup any logger as base logger for default realizations of KSLog. Besides, you may use your own callback (on any target platform) as output of logging:

val logger = KSLog { logLevel, optionalTag, message, optionalThrowable ->
    println("[$logLevel] $optionalTag - $message: $optionalThrowable.stackTraceToString()")

In the example above we will take the logger which will just print incoming data as common output.


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implementation "dev.inmo:kslog:$kslog_version"




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