Discord Prometheus Exporter

Simple metrics exporter HTTP server for Prometheus meant to be used for private Discord servers.

Thanks to the creator of promcord for the original idea! This project is meant to be a simpler replacement for it.

Metrics tracked

  • Application:
    • Discord websocket response time
  • Guild:
    • The active boost count.
  • Voice channels:
    • How many joins there have been
    • How many users are in a voice channel
  • User count:
    • How many users have joined/left
    • How many users there are in total
  • Reactions:
    • How many reactions have been added/removed
  • Messages:
    • How many messages have been created, updated, and deleted
  • Invites:
    • How many invites have been created
    • How many invites there are in total

All metrics are prefixed with discord_server_ in the final Prometheus format.

Build & Run

Run ./gradlew cleanBuild. The final jar will be available in the build/libs directory.

Discord prometheus exporter requires you to pass through your Discord bot token in the application’s start parameters. You may start the application with the following flags:

  • --token (required): your Discord bot token
  • --addr (default: the address our HTTP server will bind to


? We do not have a dashboard template yet. Come back later!


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