?Android Open Source Project

Simple game where user unscrambles words and get points!



  • Добавлена руссфикация! ??
  • EditText was deleted, now application uses letter cards inside two Recycleriews


  • Added Refresh button
  • Added simple animations on buttons

What i’ve learned?

  • How to use and implement Fragments
  • Lifecycle of both Activities and Fragments
  • ViewModel: how to store data and not to lose it while configuration changes
  • LiveData: how it holds data, how it uses Observers to update the UI
  • DataBinding: how to bind code to UI and vise versa!
  • Binding expressions: how to get rid of Observers in code and update the UI directly in the layout
  • Talkback: how to spell the word character by character using Spannable class
  • Animations: how to make simple shaking and color changing animations
  • Translation: how to translate your app for different locales

Noticeable mention

There is some knowledge that wasn’t used in this project, but i’ve also learned it on the way:

  • Intents: explicit (launch another activity) and implicit (share a message) intents
  • Menu: how to create menu and its icons at the top of the application
  • Android Jetpack Components: Fragments, Navigation Component (navigation graph and switching fragments)

How it looks?

Screenshot_20220818_102458 (2)


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