?Simple app with a list of affirmations

What i’ve learned?

  • Deeper knowledge about classes and their inheritance in Kotlin
  • How to use Lists in Kotlin (MutableList and List)
  • Basic knowledge about RecyclerView (what is it, what’s inside it, how to use it, how to make my own adapter)
  • Packets and imports in Kotlin
  • What is MaterialCardView and how to use it in a connection with RecyclerView
  • How to test Lists and Adapters with an aid of Espresso and mockito libraries (the latter library right now don’t want to be friendly with me, i promise that in future i’ll understand what’s wrong!)

P.s.: the trouble with mockito library was not with the library itself, it’s all about me! I tried to use unit testing in the file with instrumentation tests… ???

How it looks?

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