LifeUp Cloud (SDKs)

Provide LifeUp SDK, and expose LifeUp APIs as HTTP services!


Still under Google Play reviewing…

What’s it?

This small extended tool can turn your mobile phone into an HTTP server. So that you can send API commands (URL Scheme) from the LAN computer to trigger various actions of the LifeUp: Gamify To-Do & Habit app.

This can achieve the following effects:

  1. Judging the usage time on the computer, the amount of text input, and the drawing time to trigger the completion of tasks, rewards, or punishments of the LifeUp application.
  2. Implement a simple web page version to create tasks from the computer web page.
  3. And everything you can do with computer programming!

Check LifeUp APIs documents here.


We’re glad to review your pull requests. Please free feel to improve this project.

Please follow our commit message standard. Other than that, there are no special requirements.


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