Project made to pass time and use the Flicker API, this project contains implementation of paging, MVVM architecture, unit tests among other things. I hope it helps anyone in need.

If you want to take a look on mainscreen of the App, it’s here :


About this Project

The idea of the app is:
View images provided by a Flicker endpoint.
To improve user interaction, a splash screen at start and loading feedback was added to the project.
If an error is returned, the App will show a generic message to inform the user.

  • Architecture: Model View ViewModel (MVVM);

  • Applied unit tests;

  • Development language: Kotlin 1.5.20;

  • IDE: AndroidStudio 4.1.12;

  • *Gradle 7.0.3;

  • Some other technical information:

    • Used Koin 2.0.1;
    • Used DataBinding 3.1.4;
    • Used Coroutines;
    • Used Paging;
    • DependĂȘncias para API:
      • Retrofit 2.6.0;
      • MoshiConverter 2.6.0;
    • Dependencies for unit testing:
      • JUnit 4.12;
      • MockWebServer 4.1.0;
  • Dependencies for load image testing:

    • Glide 4.12.0;
  • Dependencies for data persistence:

    • Room 2.3.0;

Thank you!


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