CoinConverter (Android App) ?

Project description (First version)

Application consuming the [HG FINANCE API](, accessing the quotation of some currencies to the real. In addition, bitcoin price on some brokers, and the stock exchange index.


MVVM Architecture.

Some development tools:

Features (first version):

  • Custom conversion.
  • Using the application even without internet connection (with the last data received, on the last connection). Using Room, data is stored in the database whenever the request is made.
  • Some stock market indices.
  • Bitcoin quote on some brokers.


  • Go to, then create an account, and in the dashboard, generate a key.
  • Access the project with Android Studio, in the “api” package, in the “ServiceResult” class, replace the value of the constant “API_KEY” with your key.
  • After that, just run the application. Enjoy!❤️


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