Project in collaboration with Gisecke+Devrient. The aim of the project
was to make a proof of concept for adapting Kubernetes as a container
orchestrating platform. The project team created microservices in Ktor
framework with an SQL database and used Docker Containers for the
dockerization as Docker images. The Docker images were then deployed
in Kubernetes Cluster. The microservices were lastly distributed in the
form of Helm Charts. Development was done in CentOS and used Oracle
DB as the database. Weekly sprints using Scrum framework, JIRA for
planning and tracking and Git for version control.

How G&D shall reuse the outcome of KTH project

G&D shall get the Docker image produced by KTH
G&D shall receive the Kubernetes deployment and Service definition files
G&D shall receive the Database connectivity model used by KTH
G&D shall receive the packaging structure created by KTH (In the form of helm charts) , so that it can be deployed in G&D ‘s Kubernetes cluster

Old Architecture


New Architecture



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