Kotlin Native Quest mod Proof of Concept

After over a year of teasing this, I finally did it


  • il2cpp_utils:
    • Kotlin Native implementation similar to quest-hooks-rs
    • Bindings to bs-hooks (can C++ bindings work?)
  • hooking:
    • Wait for flamingo and use those bindings? Kotlin can generate bindings from C headers
    • Somehow figure out hooks on Kotlin
  • exception handling:
    • Kotlin’s exceptions need to be logged properly
    • IL2CPP catch handling
  • logging:
    • ADB logcat works out of the box
    • make paperlog bindings?
  • custom-types/codegen/questui bindings

Potential use cases:

  • Web Server
  • Serialization data
  • Library entrypoint
  • Possibly friendlier entrypoint to quest modding
  • magic


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