On this day is a JetBrains Space app which shows Wikipedia-based information about what happened on that or given day


“On this day” is my beginner-level submission to JetBrains Space App Contest and also a real-world “Kotlin learning” exercise.


This is my very first JetBrains Space application. It’s mainly a simple chat bot that requests data from Albin Larsson‘s open Wikipedia API and renders it in a DM reply.


Following commands are supported:

  • otd: Presents you the events on today’s day in history
  • otd 14.03: Presents you the events on 14.03 (dd.MM) in history
  • otd 14.03 events | deaths | birth: Presents you the given topic on 14.03 (dd.MM) in history
  • Allows open Wikipedia from given message

Message UI

Special thanks to

  • David Herman (Bitspittle) for helping me to get started with Kotlin
  • Albin Larsson for providing an open API to easily fetch Wikipedia information

Keep in mind

This app is purely build for having fun! All features have room for improvements or could be done more elegant. This app was and may never be meant to run in production-like environments. If you see any tokens, keys or secrets, you can be sure that all of these are already revoked.


Just me, Tobi.



This project is licensed under the MIT License – see the LICENSE file for details. Dependencies or assets maybe licensed differently.


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