Jetpack Compose Wikipedia Clone

Hello everyone ??‍♂️ I made a wikipedia clone application called using wikipedia api with jetpack compose that I have been working on for a long time. In this application where I try to use the latest technologies, I will be sharing the github link for you, The app is huge and every step is carefully written, I will edit and update it in case errors appear ?

You can review it from the github readme link, where I used videos and images to explain briefly.

We must be better than we were yesterday ?

I hope it will be useful, good work everyone.

✅ Jetpack Compose ✅ Flipper ✅ Dependency injection ✅ Dagger – Hilt ✅ Flow ✅ DataStore-flow ✅ Room ✅ Coroutine ✅ Timber


  • Move the picture in 3D with two fingers.
  • Set your own request limit.
  • Using flow with Jetpack Compose.s
  • Notify users about buttons.
  • Focus on specific areas and inform about those areas.
  • Using LazyColumn and RowColumn.
  • Instant listening and request throwing.
  • Use of Slider-Pager.
  • Use of shimmer.
  • Get attention with the scrolling text feature.
  • Receive and use color codes via API.
  • I created a fake view thanks to AndroidView without using XML, and I was able to use the Balloon feature, which normally works in XML.
Jetpack Compose Wikipedia Clone
1  Screen to Gif 2  Screen to Gif
3  Screen to Gif 4  Screen to Gif
5  Screen to Gif


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