General Info

Noted is an android application for taking notes. The user can create, edit, review, and delete notes. They also can specify a category for each note.


Clean Architecture


  • Data Layer Response Objects, Repository Implementation, and Data sources live here. The actual DAO code goes here, whether it’s remote or local.

  • Business Layer Domain Entities, Use cases, and The Repository Abstraction (Interface) live here. All the things that the user can do in the application are mapped to use cases programatically.

  • Presentation Layer Request Objects, Activities, Fragments, and ViewModels live here. Activities and Fragments take the user events then trigger a specific methods of the ViewModel to handle that event. The viewModel triggers the use case for that event and subscribe to the use case’s Observables.

Clean Architecture with Reactive Programming



  • Kotlin
  • ViewModel
  • Flow
  • Coroutines
  • Room Database
  • Hilt


Working on it.


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