AndroidEssentials is an android library that creates helper functions for performing common tasks in Android such as managing preferences, managing files, showing alerts, showing toasts, checking user country & checking network connection of users. All the methods of the class are static and should be accessed directly from the AndroidEssentials class.





  1. Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories:

allprojects {
 	repositories {
 		maven { url '' }

NB As of gradle 7.x.x allprojects has been depreciated in favor of Dependency Resolution Management. Go to settings.gradle and add the repository

dependencyResolutionManagement {
  repositories {
      // e.g this is how you would add jitpack
      maven { url "" }
  1. Add the dependency

dependencies {
         implementation 'com.github.IsaacSichangi:AndroidEssentials:v1.0.1'


  1. Add the JitPack repository to your build file

  1. Add the dependency



AndroidEssentials.storeValueString(context: Context, key: String?, value: String?, app_name: String)

AndroidEssentials.storeValueDouble(context: Context, key: String?, value: Double, app_name: String)

AndroidEssentials.storeValueInt(context: Context, key: String?, value: Int, app_name: String)

AndroidEssentials.storeValueLong(context: Context, key: String?, value: Long, app_name: String)

AndroidEssentials.storeValueBoolean(context: Context, key: String?, value: Boolean, app_name: String)

AndroidEssentials.getValueBoolean(context: Context, key: String?, app_name: String):Boolean

AndroidEssentials.getValueInt(context: Context, key: String?, app_name: String):Int

AndroidEssentials.getValueDouble(context: Context, key: String?, app_name: String):Double

AndroidEssentials.getValueLong(context: Context, key: String?, app_name: String):Long

AndroidEssentials.getValueString(context: Context, key: String?, app_name: String):String

AndroidEssentials.clearValues(context: Context, app_name: String)

AndroidEssentials.deleteValue(context: Context, key: String?, app_name: String) 

File Management

AndroidEssentials.checkFileExistence(context: Context, filename: String):Boolean
AndroidEssentials.storeFile(title: String, contents: String?, context: Context):Boolean
AndroidEssentials.getFileContents(filename: String, context: Context):String

AndroidEssentials.deleteFile(title: String, context: Context)

Get User Country Code

AndroidEssentials.getUserCountry(context: Context):String

Check Network Connection

AndroidEssentials.checkConnection(context: Context): Boolean 

Show Alert & Toast

AndroidEssentials.showToast(context: Context?, message: String?)
AndroidEssentials.showAlert(activity: AppCompatActivity, message: String?)


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