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Notarank : Notes Taking app

Problem Statements

The environment we work in day to day provides a constant supply of information for us to process and the volume of this has been growing. Unfortunately, as of yet, very little has materialized in the consumer market that can provide a low impact and method to manage this day to day information overload. The goal of Notarank is to fill this gap and provide a minimally intrusive manner to take the memos, ideas, and notes that you have during the day and make them persist past your next interruption.

Proposed Solution

Notarank is a app for storing, organizing, and notes taken throughout the day. Notes are taken using a App which is also responsible for marking the time and long location of the user. This information is stored in users device itself. Photos or text notes taken with the app can also be bound to the note. As an advanced feature, a notes can be categorised using color indicators.



The app is currently in the Alpha testing phase with GNITS institute with a limited no. of users, You can access the app :


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