NFST – Non-Fungible Simian Token

A centralized ledger on the blockchain to record and give value to each and every pearl of wisdom Simian decides to bestow upon us


Every word spoken, every message sent by our Simian is worth millions of thoughts and days of analysis and consideration.
The rarer they are, the most intrinsic and powerful value they hold.
But we’re seldom able to grant them the attention and the value they deserve, either because we lack the required open-mindedness or because we’re caught in the endless routine of our egotistical day-to-day lives.

This is why NFST are born: what better way to give back some of the value He, Simian, shared with us, than to put his written words on the most inflationary bubble to date, allowing them to surf on the tide of this ill-concealed scam and gain materialistic, raw FIAT power?


The blockchain (also known -in honour of his kinksmost private tastes- as leashchain) will be hosted in a secure location and will be reachable by dedicated APIs to allow for further expansion and other apps to be built.
The master of the leash will be known as “qween”, and will be an interface (a bot presumably) to Telegram which will collect messages from Simian, carefully storing them and recording them on the leash as NFST.
A NFST gets its value from its rarity: a message sent alone, in responso to no active conversation, will hold much value, especially w.r.t. a group of messages sent in the middle of a conversation: the idea is to identify “session”, that is a series of messages sent in a brief amount of time, and give that session a value to be split among the messages it is composed of.
Participants in the leash will be given coins, valid on this blockchain, to buy from the leash qween whichever sage drop they deem most important for their fractured heart or mind.


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