NewsBreeze brings to you the latest breaking news from the NewsApi. It has features like:

  • Search for breaking news headlines
  • Read news in app
  • Save news


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  • It follows latest android practices like MVVM and LiveData.

  • Have implemented Network checking feature which alearts user when network connection is lost.

  • Hidden API key in file. To do the same, open file and add the following line API_KEY=yourkey

  • Have implemented R8 for reduced app size.

R8 optimizations result

Before After

MAD Scorecard


Package Structure

com.mihir.newsbreeze             # Root Package
├── data                # For data handling.
|   ├── local           # Dao, Database
|   ├── remote          # Remote datasources and API Service
│   ├── model           # Model data classes
│   └── repo            # Single source of data
├── viewmodel           # For ViewModels
├── ui                  # UI/View layer
|   ├── adapters        # Adapter, ViewHolder 
|   └── screens         # All App Screens 
└── helper              # Utility Classes

How to contribute?

What do you need to get started?

Latest version of android studio and basic android and googling skills will get you going.

All contributions are welcomed, Properly describe changes made and attach supporting ScreenShots in the PR. For major changes first open an issue.


Initial work: Mihir Shah


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