• This app fetches data from the API.
  • You can see the latest news in the app.
  • If you like a piece of news you can save the news in your app.
  • It also gives you the feature of searching the news from the latest news.

Main Screen

  • You can see latest news here.
  • You can also tap on any news to read full article.
  • Then from there you can save the article.

News Article

  • This page shows you the full article of the news you clicked.
  • You can save the news from the bottom right corner.

Search News

  • You can search for a piece of news in the news.
  • As shown by searching covid it shows news rekated to covid.

Saved News

  • This page shows the news you have saved so far.
  • You can also delete a news from this by sliding the news then a snackbar will appear and you can delete your news.


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